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Hi! I'm Lis Hacker. Not a hacker, but an independent marketing writer.
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My Services

Landing Pages

Targeted, research and customer-focused copy to engage the right customers from the right angle.

Product Descriptions

Descriptions that not only entice users, but attract them down the sales funnel.

Social Media

Get on your customer's level with social media posts that speak to your audience.


Punchy & focused. Research-backed and SEO optimized.

Some of my experience

About Lis

With all this technology, it’s easy to get caught up in the next best thing. The next best feature, the next best product. It easy to automate our lives to the n-th degree. And, yes of course, technology matters… 

  • But what matters deep in your customers heart- what is their true pain point?

  • How will you speak to them to truly engage and attract them to your product?

You need stories that touch their heart, solve their pains. You need to connect with them on a deeper level to make them want, no need, your product.

But how do you do that?

That’s where I come in.

I’m Lis Hacker.

No I’m not a hacker :), but I am a professional content writer backed by years of experience.  

I previously helped conduct the content strategy for a Fortune 500 company, eBay, and now I help others like you with content writing. 

I take the psychology behind marketing and dig deep into your customers’ personas to find what matters to them the most. 

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