about me

I have years of experience working at eBay Inc. corporation on KPI-driven content marketing projects that thousands of people view every day. 
This means that the content and copy that I will deliver you is from someone who will deliver projects that are:

  • on-time
  • metric-based
  • keyword driven
  • engagingly delicious

I work my hardest to create you content that accomplishes your own specific KPI goals. 

And why should you choose me?

I have extensive knowledge of international trends as well as the American market. I can provide you with captivating content that will create trust with your customers because you are providing them with real, relatable information that they can actually use. Let’s sell to them without really ever selling. They will want to buy from you in the end because they believe in you and trust you. What business owner doesn’t want that?

I currently reside on the beautiful shores of the Mediterranean in Netanya, 20 minutes north of Tel Aviv. But often travel around the world to create deeper experiences and connections with those around me. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Contact me today!

Personal Customer Service

You receive personalized service when you work with me. No agencies (which are wonderful, but they have their own place) no middle-men and certainly no outsourcing.

On Time

Once you tell me your requirements and we agree my conditions, I am ready to start working on your projects to provide you with the solution!

Ready for discussion

I am open to any brave ideas and requirements from your side. I love a good challenge!